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The Beginning of Geospatially Informed Enterprises

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Find out where Terry Cunningham, CEO of Descartes Labs sees the future of business applications when we look outside our four walls and collaborate.

Terry: The way I see the future of the world is that applications have been inside the firewall-centric. We look at ERP data or generally speaking system of record data, which is internally generated systems data that organizations, government, and commercial organizations, have been running on since the era of the mainframe.

Now, the world is starting to understand that they can look outside the four walls and integrate that ‘outside the four walls’ data.

So for example, weather is a great example. How often does weather impact your operations? Well, most companies, government, and commercial are impacted by weather in some way. The supply chain is a great example. 

Can they look at weather forecasting? Well, if you think about weather and weather forecasting, it was the beginning of geospatially informed enterprises: use the weather to change or make decisions about your operations.

Are your applications geospatially informed?

Why You Should be Powered by Descartes Labs

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Descartes Labs believes the best way to solve some of the world’s biggest problems is by joining forces with other experts and powering their companies with geospatial intelligence at scale.

If I think about the end user and their experience with the whole product, and I put whole in italics, underline, bold, everything.  That whole product will not come from Descartes Labs in its entirety. It'll come from a solution provider that is using Descartes Labs through the Powered by Descartes Labs program to solve the bigger problem that is in their wheelhouse. It's their specialty. It's not ours. We want to power these companies to solve those problems, and we want to help them do it in a quicker, more efficient way.

An Operating System for the Earth

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"What Descartes Labs has done has simplified the data model in terms of the way it can be delivered, presented, and integrated." --  Nic Pollock, Chief Executive Officer at K2fly


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