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Leveraging Sentinel-1 for Agricultural Insights 


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Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) is a novel dataset that enables deep exploration across a broad range of agricultural applications. But working with powerful SAR sensors like Sentinel-1 can be challenging, often requiring significant processing to derive valuable insights.

In this recorded technical workshop, we explore globally processed Sentinel-1 (S1) SAR and InSAR data products available on the Descartes Labs Platform. We've simplified working with S1 data by processing the entire catalog available from the European Space Agency (ESA), from raw data (SLCs) to a variety of derived level 1 and 2 data products. These data products enable rapid iteration in research and development workflows. We examine how users can best access and interact with them to build meaningful agronomic applications.


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Topics covered

  • Introduction to Descartes Labs, SAR, and Sentinel-1 data products on the DL Platform
  • Building backscatter and coherence time series
  • Sentinel-1 agricultural use cases including classification, tillage, and cover cropping
  • Question and answer session

Meet our speakers

Dylan Rich
Data Scientist &
Platform Consultant

Dylan is an applied scientist focused on process, visualization, and storytelling. He's passionate about creating value for end-users and creating compelling data driven narratives. Dylan studied at Seattle University and the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and has a background in mathematics and environmental science.

Tom Siddiqui
Head of Agriculture
& Consumer Goods

Tom leads Descartes Labs’ Agriculture business, bringing the benefits of geospatial data science to merchant traders and inputs players. Prior to Descartes Labs, Tom led global business development and the US office of Coalition, an S&P Global company. He has a degree in history and political science from Oxford University.

Piyush Agram
Geospatial Data

As a geospatial data engineer, Piyush applies concepts from Mathematics and Engineering to solve complex Earth Science problems. His focus is on radar imaging systems and radar interferometry, with experience in spatial databases, mapping, real-time GPS tracking. Piyush holds a PhD from Stanford. 


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