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Strengthen your hedging or trading strategies with agricultural commodity market forecasts. Evaluate our performance and read our market commentary with reports delivered straight to your inbox.


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Machine learning and remote sensing combine to provide improved price prediction for futures and cash markets by fusing fundamental and macro data with proprietary geospatial analytics.


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We help businesses in the consumer goods and agriculture industry optimize trading and procurement strategies by providing price forecasting on commodities powered by advanced geospatial data and insights. These models predict how and when market factors affect price, ultimately providing suggestions into the best time to trade or hedge a commodity in a consistent and cost-efficient manner. Subscribe to the reports to get access. 

Here’s a preview of some of the performance information you’ll receive. 

Q3 2021 Market Performance 

2021 Sugar and Soybean-meal performance


The Performance Benefits Are Proven

Our Market Forecasting Performance Reports will give you a sneak peek into the data and advanced insights our solutions can provide, allowing you to make more analytical and systematic trading and procurement strategies.

  • Increase Financial Margins & Savings: Receive price model performance for palm oil, sugar, and soybean meal to discover how we can help increase margins on finished goods with advanced hedging strategies.
  • Gain Decision Making Confidence: Assess the accuracy behind our commodity price forecasts and read market commentary from our data experts.
  • Quantify Market Drivers: Incorporate both supply and demand factors to get ahead by quantifying when and how macro or fundamental factors are driving markets.

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