Next Generation




Mission-critical GEOINT data fusion, for whatever your mission may be

Find, monitor, and make predictions anywhere in the world with next-generation intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).


The Descartes Labs Platform ingests and fuses multimodal data sets and applies machine learning-based computer vision models to extract planetary-scale insights, including:

  • Change detection
  • Object identification
  • Situational awareness
  • Time series analysis
  • Monitoring

Below, you can learn more about our technology and our expert team of scientists.

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Rapid Mission-Critical Insights in Minutes (not months)

Descartes Labs combines environmental, human, and economic intelligence to arm defense and intelligence agencies with mission-critical, near-real time geospatial analytics.

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Scientifically Validated Geospatial Analytics

We help turn AI into a core competency. Data science teams can use our scaling infrastructure to design models faster than ever, using our massive data archive or your own.

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Descartes Labs Applied Science Expertise

Learn about our team of PhDs and specialists. With expertise spanning diverse scientific disciplines combined with the latest artificial intelligence, we develop algorithms that provide critical insights.

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What's Your Mission?

Speak with our team of experts specializing in the geospatial insight needs of Defense and Intelligence agencies.