Increasing Transparency in the Palm Supply Chain

Learn how Unilever uses the Descartes Labs Platform to reduce false positives and increase the overall accuracy of their deforestation alerts

How AI Can Help Forests

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"In March, Unilever hired Descartes Labs to whittle down the deforestation alerts it receives, with a focus on palm-oil production in Indonesia and Malaysia. Descartes used machine-learning techniques to better distinguish between the vegetation of forests that need to be protected and palm plantations where fires and replanting are a natural part of the agricultural process, says Cooper Elsworth, an applied scientist at the Santa Fe, N.M.-based firm. That, he says, allowed Unilever to narrow down 40,000 alerts in the first half of 2020 to just a few hundred of particular salience and importance."

--Wall Street Journal, Nov 4, 2020


Metadata fields provide context for deforestation alerts, providing a deeper understanding of deforestation activity and making it possible to connect specific alerts with facts on the ground.

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