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MCDA IDIQ Information

About: Descartes Labs Governments’ Multi-Cloud Distributed Analytics (MCDA) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III is an Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Government Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) sponsored by United States Army Pacific (USARPAC). 

Type: Single Award, Sole Source IDIQ

Ceiling Value: $112 M

Period of Performance: 5 Years, September 17th 2021 – September 17, 2026

Contract Number:  47QFCA21D0504

Task Order (TO) Contract Types Supported: Firm Fixed Price/Level of Effort (FFP/LOE) and Firm Fixed, Price/Completion (FFP), Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF); Other Direct Costs (ODCs) are allowed.

Accessibility: MCDA IDIQ is a multi-tenant government wide acquisition vehicle (GWAC) and any organization within the Department of Defense (DoD) can utilize the contract to work with DLG.

Security: Clearance requirements are dictated on a per Task Order (TO) basis. The contract supports up to TS/SCI and SAP clearance needs.

🗨️ How do I use DLG's MCDA IDIQ?

  1. DLG and the potential customer work together to fill out a Task Order Requirement (TOR) worksheet. This worksheet is the first step in the process and kicks off the government-to-government discussions and helps all parties clearly communicate and define the need and how that need fits in the scope of work, deliverables, security needs, etc. 

  2. Government to Government discussions take place. The MCDA TOR worksheet streamlines gov-to-gov discussions, so the customer understands what GSA FEDSIM needs, if it’s not clear from the TOR, and provides MIPR funding instructions for the contract vehicle. 

  3. GSA FEDSIM issues DLG a Request for Proposal (RFP). Typically, there is a 7-14 day proposal development window for DLG. GSA FEDSIM can make final awards within two weeks from proposal submission with the support of the end government customer to evaluate the proposal.

  4. Task Order is awarded.

✔️What are the benefits of using this contract?

  • It is a sole source and if the customer is leveraging DLG technologies and enhancing or customizing them for their mission use - they qualify to use the contract without competing the work and typically takes 2 months to award from submission of the TOR worksheet.
  • FEDSIM approved task order requirement (TOR) template documents provide a streamline acquisition process facilitated by an accountable IDIQ POC.
  • TO contracts are easy to evaluate
  • The scope of this IDIQ covers a broad range of artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning (ML) development, operations enablement, and professional services scope 
  • It is flexible—TOs may vary significantly in length and size—there is no dollar cap per order



Descartes Labs Government MCDA IDIQ Team

Mike Ortega
MCDA Program Manager
Descartes Labs Government
Hector Cevallos
Head of Business Development
Descartes Labs Government
Ben Atkinson
Ben Atkinson
Head of Programs and Strategy
Descartes Labs Government


Descartes Labs Government enables mission-critical data fusion, for whatever your mission may be.

Descartes Labs Government technology can continually analyze planetary scale, complex All-INT data from a mission-centric optic to offer actionable insights by:

  • Discovering patterns, changes, and context over time
  • Identifying associations between logical, cyber and physical worlds
  • Offering predictive analytics
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The Descartes Labs Government Advantage:

Science Ready Data.
Continuous Intelligence.
Actionable Insights.

Access to data might not be a problem for government agencies, but having too much data is a challenge. The problem with too much data is the amount of time it takes to analyze it and develop quick insights, especially when timing is paramount.

Descartes Labs Government provides rapid and continuous intelligence through mission-critical insights delivered in minutes (not days or months) by combining environmental, human, and economic intelligence to arm defense and intelligence agencies with near-real-time geospatial analytics in the following areas: 

Global Readiness    Space Situational Awareness     Geopolitical Insights     Data Intelligence


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