Enhancing mineral exploration and tailings safety with bigger and better models of the earth

Descartes Labs is a geospatial intelligence company with science and technology at its core. Launching out of Los Alamos National Laboratory in 2014, we build models of the earth to power the analysis of the world’s largest physical systems. Our data science and software solutions create new sources of operational advantage for Agriculture, CPG, and Mining companies.

Our platform contains over 15 petabytes of analysis-ready geospatial data to empower remote sensing specialists to build global-scale data products and processing workflows that put interpretation tools directly into the hands of exploration geologists. We offer two mining-specific packages built on top of our platform that enhance the mineral targeting cycle and improve tailings dam monitoring.

DL_Mining Lifecycle

The Advanced Mineral Exploration Package

The Advanced Mineral Exploration Package contains datasets and pre-built workflows that accelerate mineral targeting timelines. At it's core is the world's most comprehensive bare earth composite, which fuses ASTER and Sentinel-2 data to provide geologists with the clearest pixel anywhere on the planet. 

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Tailings Dam Deformation Monitoring Package

Our Tailings Dam Deformation Monitoring Package helps mining and materials companies mitigate risks associated with tailings storage facilities using advanced satellite remote sensing methodologies that implement the latest deformation research at global scale. We provide the world's first automated deformation monitoring system with customized reporting that allows clients to test, validate, automate, and deliver insights.

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