Tropical Deforestation Monitoring for the Agricultural Supply Chain

Scalable and data-driven approach to make progress toward your sustainability commitments

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Deforestation: The Continuous Challenge in Agricultural Commodities

According to a study by Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research, the Amazon rainforest released 1.06 billion metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere per year between 2010 and 2018. They noted that if there were no fires or deforestation, the Amazon would be capable of sequestering almost 0.5 billion metric tons of carbon every year. As it stands today, the Amazon is releasing more CO2 than it's absorbing!

It’s statistics like this that have made many large corporations like Unilever commit to eliminating deforestation from their supply chain. Through working with Descartes Labs, these companies are able to set credible sustainability commitments and use scalable geospatial technology to make progress toward meeting them.



Near-real-time deforestation detections layered on top of a continental-scale forest carbon dataset

Deforestation Monitoring Package Powered by Remote Sensing and Machine Learning

The Descartes Labs’ Tropical Deforestation Monitoring package provides data that end-users trust, reduces assumptions, and is directly functional for supply chain commitments. The package provides NGOs, merchants, manufacturers, and suppliers with the operational information they need to ensure sustainability in supply chains.


Add visibility and prioritization to deforestation across the supply chain and test incentives to encourage behavioral change.

Merchants & Manufacturers

Use alongside proprietary supply chain data to set credible sustainability commitments, remain proactive with respect to accountability frameworks, and perform due diligence on suppliers.


Incorporate wide-area, near-real-time data into precompetitive monitoring systems to help member organizations address their commitments.

Download the Tropical Deforestation Monitoring Datasheet