Create a Geospatially Informed Supply Chain

Request a commodity sourcing review to learn how you can mitigate inflation, price volatility, and carbon impact


Fight inflation and create a more sustainable and resilient supplier network

A geospatially informed supply chain gives you a more complete view of supply chain operations, from commodity price forecasting to sustainable sourcing to climate resilience. The ideal system should not just provide data, but also actionable insights that can be scaled to meet your needs.

Request a review to learn how geospatial factors can be integrated into price forecasts and sustainability. Our recommendations will be based on your unique requirements: 

  • Commodities and regions you currently source from
  • Forecasting challenges (e.g. price, consistency, volatility)
  • Forecasting approach (e.g. cash, futures, quotas)
  • Key sustainability metrics (e.g. deforestation, carbon, biodiversity)
  • Business reporting and integration requirements

Request a Commodity Sourcing Review

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Meet your sustainability commitments through data-driven measurement and active monitoring of land cover within your supply chain.
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Commodity Procurement
Reduce raw materials costs through greater visibility into the factors driving commodity markets with daily hedging recommendations.
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Climate Resiliency
Prepare your supply chain for the long-term effects of extreme weather and climate change.