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Save cloud & engineering costs with a turnkey geospatial solution

Massive volumes of geospatial data are being produced every day, but it is nearly impossible for companies to benefit from the potential insights. Hiring for, building, and maintaining the infrastructure needed to do global geospatial analysis is cost prohibitive, causing significant delays getting to market.

The Descartes Labs Platform simplifies the exploration and analysis of geospatial data to answer key questions about the physical world. Customers are empowered to build and run planetary-scale geospatial models and derive insights that drive more informed business decisions.

Enterprise Accelerator: Managed data infrastructure & analytic pipelines

Enterprise Accelerator has the necessary backend infrastructure already in place, so customers can hit the ground running building and deploying geospatial models.

✔️ API access to the turn-key data backend enables the creation of scaleable, production-ready data processing pipelines

✔️ Unified data catalog provides standard modes of accessing and using geospatial data

✔️ Models can easily be scaled from a single AOI to a large geographic region, without starting from scratch or moving to a new environment


A Future of Innovation with AWS & Descartes Labs

Length: 2:05

Deanna Lyn, Head of Commercial, discusses the value of the partnership between Descartes Labs and AWS.

We’re living in a world of endless amounts of data, but unless you have specialized knowledge and massive engineering teams building & maintaining infrastructure, it’s hard to truly make use of all this information. Geospatial data, and insights about what’s happening to the physical world, can have huge implications for businesses, but the engineering roadblocks that come with it are money pits and cause major delays getting to market. Companies are missing out on early competitive advantages because their data scientists spend a majority of their time solving data engineering problems.

This is where Descartes Labs comes in.

We’re excited to be partnering with AWS and in doing so, we’re updating our world-class, award-winning legacy platform with state of the art capabilities, which in turn allows us and our customers to accelerate innovation and deliver on the promise of geospatial analytics on a global scale.

AWS is a world-leading cloud provider; they are constantly innovating and are dedicated to delivering the most functionality to their customers. We’re thrilled to be leveraging both the comprehensive suite of services and technical expertise at AWS so we can continue to grow our products and make available the best-in-class geospatial solutions to our customers and partners.

Not only does the AWS team understand the challenges our customers face, but they also have deep insight into the distinctive challenges we face operating in the geospatial industry. This unique position enables us to provide a frictionless experience for our customers by continuously improving our products and services.


We’ve already accomplished great things with AWS at our side—notably achieving the #40 spot on the TOP500 list of fastest supercomputers. We’re thrilled about the endless possibilities that being part of the AWS ecosystem provides and are looking forward to a bright future!


Save time, costs, and get to market faster with a complete toolkit for building scalable geospatial applications.

Reduce R&D costs & timelines

Save up to $2 million in data engineering costs
& months of development time so you can get to market faster

Eliminate the data headache

Petabytes of normalized, analysis-ready
data are stored in an single easy-to-access
& easy-to-search catalog

Drive innovation

Focus on your expertise & the science behind your models, rather than implementation, with a simpler way of working with geospatial data

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Seamlessly integrates with AWS services

Data scientists and engineers can leverage the tools and services on AWS that they are already familiar with, making it simple to bring Earth Observation data into their processes. Below is a selection of AWS services that integrate with Enterprise Accelerator.






Amazon S3

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Descartes Labs achieves #40 fastest supercomputer with AWS

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