Ask an Expert: Sustainability in Business

Watch a Q&A with Dr. Cooper Elsworth & Erika Randolph on leveraging sustainability solutions from non-profits and NGOs in enterprise sustainability initiatives

Learn how you can leverage the work of non-profits and NGOs to meet your sustainability targets

Watch a sustainability question and answer session with Dr. Cooper Elsworth & Erika Randolph

During this ask an expert webinar, we:

  • share our expertise in utilizing and scaling existing solutions and measures of sustainability to address enterprise sustainability goals
  • answer audience questions on executing on sustainability initiatives in your business

Meet our experts

Erika Randolph, Sustainability Services Team Lead

Erika Randolph began her career managing Environmental and Social Governance programs in both public and private-sector institutions before earning her MBA at Dartmouth. After spending several years in CPG brand management, she now leads our Sustainability Services Team where she leverages her business expertise managing the development of our sustainability solutions. When she isn’t at work she enjoys cycling, drumming, and attempting to bake at altitude.

Dr. Cooper Elsworth, Applied Scientist

Dr. Cooper Elsworth is Product Manager of Sustainability Products at Descartes Labs. He earned his PhD in Geophysics and MS in Computational & Mathematical Engineering at Stanford where he focused on climate science, remote-sensing data, and data-model integration. At Descartes Labs he has worked on projects in renewable energy integration and sustainable supply chains. Outside of the office, Cooper enjoys cycling, trail running, and turning wrenches.